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“Always think to do something Impossible because impossibility of today will definitely be possible in near future.”
– Umer Farooq (CEO/Founder Tech House Co.)

I always loved to know more about engineering stuff. Screwing out the toys and playing with its electric components e.g. led lights and motors was my hobby. When my father came to know about my activities, instead of forbidding me he sent me a gift from abroad. That was the most valuable gift ever of my life and the matter of motivation for me.It was a screw drivers set. It was the wish of my father that I shall become an Engineer one day.

Today I am studying Biomedical Engineering.
The one thing I learned in my life is to do something which make you unique from the crowd.Do something best no matter how much times you fail, fail and fail.
Science and Technology is advancing everyday .Those countries who are up to date with science and technology are dominating on those who didn’t do any advancement in development of Science and Technology.
Whenever I try to find my country in the list of developed nations, I always feel little disappointment.Our country is full of talented people but there is no one to appreciate them,motivate them and to highlight them on broader platform.There is no one to raise and boost up their confidence to come forward and show off the talent they are hiding deep, deep inside their minds.
The only thing our nation need to do is : ” Talent Mining “.

The whole innovative ideas inside our talented minds are repressed by a word called as Impossible.
What does the word impossible means?
Ans:  For me, Impossible is the thing which hasn’t been done so far and will assuredly be done in near or far future.
Inventions can only be possible if we think about impossible ideas. Think crazy, think foolish, think unique, think something  which is practically not possible yet and make it possible by working hard, hard and hard until succeed bow to your feet.

Let me share few examples to explain my point.


In a movie “Fantastic Voyage” which was released in cinemas in 1966 ,It was depicted that a team of doctors were shrunk to Nano size and they were sent in the Carotid Artery of  Human in a small ship for treating some artery blockage issues. While watching this scene everyone just laughed while believing that treatment in this way is impossible but it is made possible in present era by scientist through nanotechnology after making Nano size robots from a single material which are also capable of dealing with DNA ‘s issues.


Similarly In 1907, the English caricaturist Lewis Baumer published a cartoon in Punch magazine entitled “Predictions for 1907” in which he showed a man and a woman in London’s Hyde Park each separately engaged in gambling and dating on wireless telephony equipment. Then in 1926 the artist Karl Arnold created a visionary cartoon about the use of mobile phones in the street, in the picture “wireless telephony”, published in the German satirical magazine Simplicissimus. All this was assumed as impossible at that time but It became possible in form of Cell phones after few years.


Transformers is a 2007 American science fiction action film based on the Transformers toy line. The film which combines computer with action.The vehicles in the movie convert into big powerful robots. This fiction is transformed into reality when a Turkish company creates real Transformer prototype in 2016.Engineers at Letvision converted a 2013 BMW 3 series into a 15-Foot Robot. The functionality of Robots is still limited but will be achieved upto 100% in a near future.


So I suggest everyone to start thinking with a new dimension. Instead of feeling the word “Impossible” as a barrier to success, Take it as a motivation to achieve something completely new.
As many assumed Impossibilities of Past are made Possible in Present Era due to struggle and efforts of Homo sapiens.
Dear Readers,Think Impossible and share your ideas on the open platform of Tech House..
I have launched a startup “Tech House Co.” which aims to highlight the talented professionals from all around the world especially from Pakistan.
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Regards :
Umer Farooq



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