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A Startup by the student of Riphah International University

Tech House Co is an organization/association introduced by Umer Farooq, which is currently run by Hamza Mushtaq who is active president of this organization. Umer and Hamza, both are students of Riphah International University, Islamabad.


This association is worldwide platform which enables young graduating and graduated engineers to show their talent. This talent can be in form of semester and final year’s projects, or in form of research papers or anything related with engineering. This organization is highly supported by Riphah Students Association i.e Riphah Society of Excellence (RSE). This organization is hooked up with world biggest companies which are mainly engineering related, thus helping students to get themselves acquainted with big companies.

The organization is a major bridge between students and companies, aiding them attainting some priceless market experience. This organization has made numerous trips to hospitals and manufacturing companies, gathering treasured knowledge beyond limits.

Tech House Co is constantly growing all across country with having aphorism to help students to show their talents without limitations. Tech house is working dynamically with constantly growing aspire, knowing that sky is the limit…….

Writer : Nofil Khan


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