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State Youth Parliament – An alliance of Youth leaders by Shaheer Sialvi

Let’s first introduce you to the man who laid the foundation to State Youth Parliament.

Shaheer Sialvi

A Patriotic Student Leader, Defense Analyst & President of State Youth Parliament.
Son of a die-hard Pak Army Officer Brig.Haider Malik.
He is Ex Chairman Colleges Council of ATI (Anjuman Tulaba-e-Islam), a non-political students organization, working for the progress and prosperity of Islam & Pakistan since 1968.
He had motivated thousands of students from all over Pakistan to defend Pakistan and its Islamic Ideology on National and International Level.He had addressed students at several Colleges and Universities on the topic of “Ishq-e-Rasool (Salalaho Alihe Wasalam) and “Patriotism”.
Currently doing Software Engineering from APCOMS (UET-TAXILA).
Had done matriculation from Army public school (Ordnance road, Rawalpindi) and FSC from FG Sir Syed College (Mall Road Rawalpindi).

Email Id: [email protected]
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ShaheerSialviPak
Facebook Id: www.facebook.com/ShaheerSialvi94
Cell Number: 0308-5680457

Pakistan has been lacking those leaders who are leading youth according to Islamic means and the ways told by Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Majority of Pakistani Youth is led by political organizations since the foundation of Pakistan and they are being used for their political benefits and agendas.
The majority of Youth exploited their future just because of being led by such political and biased organizations.
It has always been a need of a Youth Leader who owns a firm and strong character, leadership qualities like Jinnah, a vision of Iqbal, to lead the youth of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to a right path and represent the positive perspective of Youth to the whole world.

State Youth Parliament

The need of such Leader is fulfilled by Mr. Shaheer Sialvi who laid the foundation to such an organization whose aim is to gather all the youth of Pakistan, belonging from any political or social organization, the students of any institute/university to one single platform named as State Youth Parliament.
State Youth Parliament is an alliance of Student/Youth leaders from all student organizations and ambassadors of different universities.

The slogan of State Youth Parliament is:

“Empowering Youth From Grass Roots”

This platform is made to:

  • Defend the Islamic Ideology of Pakistan.
  • To defend Aqeedah e Khatam e Nabuwat (SM).
  • To defend Namoos e Risalat (SM).
  • To raise voice for Kashmir & Palestine.
  • To play a positive role for Muslim Unity.
  • To spread the message of Love, Peace & Harmony among student leaders of different organizations.

SYP is the fastest growing non-political and non-profit Youth organization in Pakistan. It has been organizing many youth seminars, events, rallies and hunger strikes for implementing and bringing some positive measures and changes in the society.
I, being an Ambassador of State Youth Parliament from Riphah International University, Islamabad strongly support the objectives of SYP.
If anyone wants to join State Youth Parliament, then click the link given below:

Best wishes to Mr. Shaheer Sialvi and State Youth Parliament.


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