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Leave Management System – Database Projects

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad

Project Supervisor : Dr.Khalid Latif

Group Members : 

  1. Saira Mehmood Sp16 bcs 008
  2. Maryam Tariq sp16 bcs 018            


Comsats leave management system is for automating the manual leave management system to relieve the burden of papers  record management  and save time

Login Window :

In this user login window the user (HOD ,HR HEAD , Faculty member ) will select his /her  department and post  . And then he will enter his /her username that is his /her email and password  in the respective fields .

Matching password and email :

After entering email and password, it will be checked from the database value which are stored. If the password Matches then it will open the new window.

The new window will open once the password and email  matches

Employee leave portal :

There will be  3 Further JTabbed windows

1: HOME ( User will enter his information to apply for leave )

2: Leave Request : To finally see his /her applied leaves and their status

3: To check his / her leaves Statistics .

HOD portal :

There will be a separate portal for HOD and HR HEAD for approving and disapproving the leave applications.


All the work is done by Pakistani Engineers practically under the supervision of senior professor in workshop of well-reputed Pakistani Institute.
We will be glad if any Pakistani Students want to share their work on our platform.
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