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Hamaray Log – An organization by Syed Irtaza Gillani

Pakistan is the country which is famous for a lot of things but the most important is its enthusiastic youth. Pakistani Youth proved their selves best in almost every fields of the life whether it is science, technology, sports, arts or any other platform. No doubt there is no shortage of talent in Pakistan but the main problem we were facing is that there was no one to highlight those talented people. The people like Qandeel Baloch, Arshad Khan( Chai wala ), Nasir Khan Jan and many others can be easily promoted by Pakistanis but there was no platform for applause of those who are performing best in their professional fields to create the positive image of Pakistan around the globe. No such famous platform was introduced to highlight the real talent of Pakistan till 2016 but then came the guy who is well known in the youth now a days.

Syed Irtaza Gillani

The CEO and Founder of Hamaray Log
Syed Irtaza Gillani founded his organization on 7th July, 2016.

He currently lives in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He is involved in many social activities to influence the society with positive changes.

Objective of Hamaray Log

Hamaray Log is an organization aiming to depict the unexplored heroes of Pakistan into the mainstream social media archive to portrait a beautiful Pakistan.

Hamaray Log (in English : “Our People”) come up with a beautiful tagline which is also used as one of their hashtags .i.e “Hamari Pehchan, Hamara Pakistan” ( Our Identity, Our Pakistan ).

It is volunteer network consisting of individuals that will tend to explore the true meanings of Pakistan and to depict it with their commitment dedication and loyalty. Hamaray Log focuses on the minute aspects of the society and to bring the appreciable outcomes from the society and to depict the power of our local people, their efforts can turn the overall scope of Pakistani nation into a miracle
Hamaray Log tends to focus on the Positive Aspects of the society by depicting the beautiful places of this nation, sharing our positive vibes and telling the world about the talent our nations is bestowed with, our dreams and our hopes combined with the efforts of our people, Hamaray Log tends to bring out the best image the world can possibly think about Pakistan.

This is an excellent forum to introduce young people who are doing a wonderful job and they can be a big inspiration for others. Irtaza gathered a very active team for Hamaray Log which is highly energized and working hard to fulfill the aim of organization. Following is the dream team 2017 for Hamary Log.

Hamaray Log team also organized two anti littering drives on Margalla Hiking trials. Hamaray Log is the most rapidly growing organization and bringing the positive change in the Pakistani society. This is the best platform to portrait and engage the Youth of Pakistan.

Best wishes to Syed Irtaza Gillani for his excellent work. May he succeed more and May Allah fulfill his wishes and objectives. Ameen
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