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Car Showroom Management System – Database Projects


Project Supervisor  : Dr. Khalid Latif

Group Members : 

  1. Safa Abbasi ( 025 )
    [email protected]
  2. Ammarah Hafeez ( 029 )
    [email protected]

Project Description :

  • Customers can buy or book cars easily.
  • It tracks customer records, booking information, car records and it also provides easy to use interface for customers.
  • It has information of cars being sold or purchased as well as all information of manufacturers of cars.
  • It allows users to view customer details.
  • Dealers sale cars whereas manager can add and delete cars and as well as keep record of customers and vehicles.
  • We plotted graph between sales and months that will show number of sales per month. Sales are plotted on y-axis and the months from the Sold Month(attribute) of the table sales and invoices on the x- axis in the graph.

ERD Diagram :

We have one many to many relation between the customers and dealers, and all the other tables have one to many relations which are shown in the ERD.

Following are the 13  tables in our database:

  1. Customers
  2. Vehicle System
  3. Dealer
  4. Vehicle Details
  5. Dealers have Customers
  6. Luxury and Comfort
  7. Sales or invoices
  8. Vehicle Type
  9. Payments
  10. Vehicles
  11. Purchase
  12. Insurance
  13. Shipping

Data Insertion :

  • Customer Details :

  • Dealers or Salesman :

  • Invoice or Sales :

  • Luxury and Comfort :

  • Vehicle Type :

  • Vehicle Details :


Query # 1 :

List of customers CNIC, first names who are purchasing cars :

Query # 2 :

List dealer names selling vehicle to customer named Rida :

Query # 3 :

List vehicle details of Vehicle Model=’Accord’ :

Query # 4 :

List luxury and comforts of low cost vehicles colored Ralley Red :

Query # 5 :

Sum quantity of sales where customer belongs to Punjab :

Query # 6 :

Fetching the maximum price of vehicle :


GUI Interface



Cover Page

Log In


Adding Car

All the work is done by Pakistani Engineers practically under the supervision of senior professor in workshop of well-reputed Pakistani Institute.
We will be glad if any Pakistani Students want to share their work on our platform.
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