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Automatic Secured Storage & Retrieval System


Department Of Electrical Engineering – Wah Engineering College

PROJECT SUPERVISOR : Professor Amad Zafar


  1. Engnr Muhammad Usman                (UW-09-Bsc-EE-04)
  2. Engnr Muhammad Umair                  (UW-09-Bsc-EE-05)
  3. Engnr Ejaz Ali                                  (UW-09-Bsc-EE-44)
  4. Engnr Zainab Mohsin                        (UW-12M-Bsc-EE-55)

Problem Statement :

A peculiar industry problem is the damage that occurs to the components due to human handling;  components losses, bad control over quality, causing inefficiency in performance , industrial progress.


Build Automatic Secure Storage and Retrieval System  (ASSR) which is required to control and minimize human interface in industrial control system making more efficient and reliable.

ASSR Introduction :


  1. A  robotic assembly for the elimination of a manual control system thus making it more :
    • Proficient
    • Advantageous
  2. Valuable in aspects like  :
    • Security
    • Time consumption
    • Minimization of errors
    • Accuracy
    • Easy maintenance


      Block Diagram


Mechanical Structure :

It has been divided in two parts:

  •  Robotic Arm
  • Vertical Tower
  1. Robotic Arm:



    Robotic arm controls three type of movements

    * Vertical Movement

    * Horizontal Movement

    * Tray Movement4

    These are helpful in placing thebox to their desired locations.

  2. Vertical Tower:

    * Mechanical shelf type towers assembled which are used for potting the box in them.5

    * These slot towers provides  a total of nine locations space for potting of box.


    Mechanical or Robotic Assembly

Sensor Assembly :

  • To find the availability of free space for box storage.
  • As feedback for correction in location of robotic arm.
  • It provides the record for further operations of storage or retrieval.


Differential DC Motor Drive :

Differential drive DC motor signal formation is typically PWM signal but signal at motor terminal is Differential Signal

Peak to peak signal of Vdc plays vital role for DC motor drive

There are three cases:

  • Motor Forward movement
  • Motor Reverse  movement
  • Motor Stop

Motor Forward Movement :

Motor forward direction determines Vdc value of the wave (V(t))




DC Motor Feedback Control :

  • Sensors on different locations with respect to three boxes in the vertical tower.
  • If robotic arm does not reach to the proper place the sensors give feed back to the controller that the arm is not on the right place about it.
  • The controller  passes order to the motor to move the arm to proper location.
  • Controller used (PIC16F684) for proper feedback control system using transducers (IR Sensor).12



Proteus Diagram

Main Control Circuit :

  • A set of micro-controllers (PIC18F452) for controlling movements of motors.
  • LCD interface needed for visualization of the inputs given to the robotic arm via micro-controllers.18
  • Keyboard interface for allocating the work to the robotic arm by the user.

Key Generation :

  • A specific random code with uniqueness.
  • Assigned to the plots or locations of the slotting tower.
  • Defines particular position which is important for the exact and correct placing of the box to the place for the operations of storage and retrieval.

Recursive Algorithm :

The algorithm used to keep the process in the continuation is recursive algorithm which keeps operating again and again.

Debugging :

  • After complete assembling of the different parts of project  debugging process required for removal of errors.
  • Foremost problem being faced during project is the exact storage and retrieval of box from the access terminal to the desired location accurately.

Applications :

It can also be used for :

  • Automatic industrial control system
  • Automatic  Bank Locker System (ABLS)
  • Automatic  Car-parking
  • Automatic handling of inventory and store items


All the work is done by Pakistani Engineers practically under the supervision of senior professor in workshop of well-reputed Pakistani Institute.
We will be happy if any Pakistani Students want to share their work on our platform.
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