Tech House Co.

CEO/Founder Tech House Co.

Tech House Co. is the startup by Mr Umer Farooq.

He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from Riphah International University, Islamabad.

He is interested in Philanthropy work and founded a welfare community at an age of 16 named as ” NBII – Na Bano Ik Imtehaan “.He had worked with welfare and social organizations before laying the foundation for his own startups.
He is :

Nowadays he is working on Tech House and is aiming to bring it in the list of the most dignified, informative and valuable organizations of Pakistan which are working to highlight the great works and achievements of the youth in the field of science and technology all around the world especially in Pakistan.

Objective :

As the name suggests, Tech House is like a house of engineering and medical professionals. Our object is to gather all professionals from different fields at one platform and for that purpose, different Lounges are formed.e.g. Biomedical Engineers Lounge, Electrical Engineers Lounge, Aerospace Engineers Lounge, etc.

We will share Final Year Project Reports of graduates, published research papers and other scientific articles written by students.

Our goal is to highlight the innovative and advance developmental work done by students from all around the world and especially from Pakistan in the field of science and technology.Not only this, but we will also highlight the new social welfare, educational and scientific startups around the globe.

Tagline :


Our Team :

Following is the enthusiastic team of Tech House Co for the year 2017 – 2018.





So far we have inducted two Engineering Lounge directors and looking forward to adding more members to the team soon.





If you want to be a part of our team or you want to share your projects, published research work and scientific or other articles with us then contact us with all the details at: [email protected]